Political Landscape in Montgomery County: How Recent Court Decisions Have Transformed the Region

The political atmosphere in Montgomery County, Maryland has been significantly altered by recent court rulings. Jamie Raskin, a constitutional law professor and Democrat from the county, believes that the US Supreme Court has lost its legitimacy due to a series of conservative appointments, decisions, and scandals. To address this issue, Raskin has cosponsored a bill that would increase the number of judges on the country's highest court from nine to thirteen. However, the plan faces great odds as Republicans control the US Senate and it is highly unlikely that the House would consider it.

Raskin himself initially disagreed with his colleagues on the bill and was one of the last to join this session. He is also the only one of Maryland's 65 sponsors in the House of Representatives or Senate. Referring to the entire history of the court as a traditionally “conservative” and, in fact, reactionary institution, Raskin said that there has now been a “retreat” to that type of reactionary court. He called the Supreme Court corrupt and cited Senate Republicans denying a hearing to Merrick Garland at the end of Obama's administration and their rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett at the end of Trump's administration as evidence of electoral manipulation.

The decisions that have been taken as a result have only increased the “fundamental cloud of illegitimacy” that hangs over this court, according to Raskin. He is considering joining the race for the United States Senate and will make a decision before July 4th. Other Democrats have already submitted their candidacies, including David Trone, Angela Alsobrooks, Will Jawando, and Jerome Segal. Raskin was part of a national bus tour “The Just Majority” advocating for judicial reform on behalf of a variety of defense organizations.

Ariana Kelly, Democrat from Montgomery County, and others said they supported the changes in court after seeing the effects of their decision on women's reproductive rights. Karen Nelson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Maryland, said that her organization has seen patients from more than 26 states travel to Maryland for reproductive care in light of the decision. Judicial reform is essential to restoring reproductive rights according to Raskin. Montgomery County Election Director Dori Sawyer said Tuesday before the state court ruling was issued that they plan to handle it exactly as they did in the primary.

A court ruling handed down Tuesday ordering the segregation of undated ballots sent by mail from Pennsylvania won't change much in Montgomery County according to election officials. The technical, planning, legal and political challenges that were overcome to establish the Agricultural Reserve in 1980 and maintain a working landscape in spite of continuous efforts to compromise its integrity will be discussed. We urge you to read it and use it as a tool to promote political participation and representation of black and brown people in the Deep South for the next decade and beyond.

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