What is Montgomery County Maryland Famous For?

In 1968, voters in Montgomery County, Maryland approved a new charter that established separate legislative and executive branches, with legislative power vested in an elected council and executive power in an elected county executive. The new charter was fully implemented in 1970 with the election of an executive and a council in November. The County Council is currently comprised of nine members, four of whom are nominated and elected by voters throughout the County, and five who are elected by voters from each of the County's five council districts. The terms of office of the County Executive and the County Council are 4 years.

The county government is comprised of the executive and legislative branches. The Executive Branch implements and enforces the laws of Montgomery County and provides executive direction to the government. Its executive director is the County Executive. Montgomery County is located in Maryland's capital region, close to Dulles International, Baltimore-Washington International, and Reagan National airports. Traffic comes from the northwest on the I-270 and comes from the east and west on the usually obstructed ring road, the I-495, which draws I-95 drivers in the northeast and from Virginia to the south.

There are no highways that lead here from Washington, DC. Major arteries from west to east include Wisconsin Ave, Connecticut Ave, and Georgia Ave. Montgomery County is served by the northeast and northwest sections of the D. C. Metro.

The northwest section includes stops right in Friendship Heights, Bethesda, Rockville, and Gaithersburg; the northeast section at Takoma Park, Silver Spring, and Wheaton. It's a car country, and Montgomery County, despite having quite impressive public transportation, is no exception. Driving is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to get around, but keep in mind that the county has some of the worst traffic in the entire country. The above-mentioned north-south arteries, as well as the east-west ring road and the northwestern I-270 and the Rockville Pike between Bethesda and Rockville are the main routes surrounding the densely populated parts of the county. Montgomery County has an excellent bus system, and while it may take you a while to get to your destination, you can reach just about any major destination in the county by bus only.

The WMATA Metrobus has a respectable network of bus routes right in the inner suburbs, while Ride On Bus is the county bus service, with very comprehensive coverage of the densely populated part of the county. Keep in mind that the WMATA SmarTrip card works for Ride On buses, as well as for Metro and Metrobus. When it comes to dining out, Montgomery County has plenty to offer. For a central dining experience, Bethesda is the undisputed leader with an enormous variety of mid-range and exclusive restaurants ranging from Spanish tapas to Maryland crabs, from gourmet Indian food to steaks with cheese from Philadelphia. There are jewels in other major cities such as Silver Spring, Rockville, Gaithersburg etc., although they are quite crowded by legions of mid-range restaurant chains both in their respective downtown areas and in endless shopping malls all over. If you like kitchens around the world you're in luck; you won't have to spend too much money. Wheaton arguably has some of best cheap ethnic food in all of D.

Metropolitan area; especially for excellent Asian and Central American food due to its important Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Guatemalan, Honduran and especially Salvadoran communities. For each of those categories you simply won't find anything better outside Wheaton. Not bad at all for Koreans, Ethiopians, Peruvians or even Scots either! Rockville Silver Spring and Takoma Park can't brag about density of ethnic restaurants like Wheaton but they're also good options for eating Asian African or Latin American food. As with restaurants Bethesda has largest most lively nightlife in county with plenty bars good handful nightclubs. However over past decade Silver Spring has decided become legitimate competitor you'll find plenty things do after hours right its downtown area latter slightly cheaper much more diverse. For even more diverse certainly more original experience Takoma Park has only few options but they lot fun hotels which there many Marriott headquartered Bethesda mainly located main centers county those Bethesda Silver Spring cater more tourists looking enjoy easy access D C areas Metro nearby restaurants entertainment venues while those Rockville Rockville Pike Gaithersburg Germantown more suitable business travelers. If you're looking motels next I 270 or Ring Road you'll be surprised scarcity options out there probably have get off highway into town Montgomery became first Maryland county adopt form self government county administrator county council Maryland ceded 36 square miles land from Montgomery County Georgetown Federal District Columbia Maryland National Capital Planning Parks Commission formed Montgomery Prince George counties when material used whole part appropriate citation credit must attributed Maryland State Archives first segment Intercounty Connector MD Route 200 state's first fully electronic toll road opened Montgomery Prince George Counties. The County Council prohibited racial religious discrimination places public accommodations first Maryland county do so except where sale alcohol important part business known tavern exemption one wealthiest counties.

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