The Most Important Political Issues Facing Montgomery County Residents

When the Inspector General of the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission released a report, it revealed that Casey Anderson, former President of the County Planning Board, had a bar full of alcohol in his office, which violated commission policy. In response, County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council made a historic investment in this year's budget to try and address the problem. Four years later, Elrich faced off against County Councilman Hans Riemer and Peter James, an executive director of technology, in the primary election. After Blair requested a recount that lasted several days, Elrich was finally victorious by 32 votes and won a second term in the county's most important political office. The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation and Montgomery Planning publish a joint report of economic indicators that tracks a range of indicators such as resident labor force, employment, commercial real estate, permit issuance activity, and information on venture capital. The County Council has been occupied with the budget this spring, particularly proposed tax increases of various kinds.

They have also been focusing on rising crime, including a significant increase in hate crime incidents; on stabilizing rents; and on housing, among other issues.

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